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Resident, Visitor, or Other Interested Party Survey

If you encounter any issues completing this survey, please email or call 519-332-0330 ext 3343

Thank you for your input to this community survey. The survey is a key component in the Neighbourhood Revitalization Project for Downtown Sarnia and Mitton Village, an initiative created through the partnership between the City of Sarnia and the Ministry of Agriculture Food, and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA).

 The key components of this initiative are:

  • To build community collaboration
  • Support new marketing initiatives in both areas
  • Identify opportunities for physical improvements to the spaces
  • Retain, expand, and attract new businesses to the areas

 Your comments and input to this survey are treated as confidential. There are two rules concerning this survey:

  1. The Skip It Rule - If there is a question that you can’t or don’t want to answer, it can be skipped. Only question 1 is mandatory to ensure we are gathering accurate data.
  2. Confidentiality –  All of the responses will be combined and presented as percentages, summaries or averages in any reporting. Identifiable information will not be collected or shared. 

Select option


Are you a resident, visitor, or other interested party?

Parks and green spaces
Outdoor seating areas
Community events or socials
Variety of businesses
Accessing public services
Attending community events or socials
Enjoying parks and green spaces
Shopping at businesses
Using outdoor seating areas

Do you shop local more or less than you did before the COVID-19 pandemic?

Trees and grass
Flowers and gardens
Building appearances
Murals/Public art
Public gathering spaces
Garbage/litter removal
Variety of businesses

How do you usually find out about local products, services, or events? (Select top 3)


What opportunities do you feel are a priority for these areas? (Select top 3)